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JACK MIDI OUT: now published

25 May 2014 | 11:27 pm

Overview of work this week

In short:

  • I've fixed old and new bugs.
  • Published basic implementation of JACK MIDI Out.
  • I've began to study time representation in MuseScore and JACK.

So, I've fixed bugs mentioned in previous post, found new bugs and fixed them too. Code of MuseScore 1.3 that works with JACK have some bugs and it is cool that my work is not only writing new code, but fixing an old bugs too. Why? Because it helps to understand the code better.

I've learned how time is represented in MuseScore. It's really simple: everything is ticks. All things are counted in ticks. With the help of ticks we can represent beats. Each beat is 480 ticks. So, a 4/4 measure will have a 4*480 ticks and so on. Understanding of time in MuseScore is important for building a JACK Transport support.

In previous post I mentioned "learning about channels and instruments" as "upcoming task", but I decided to postpone it. I think now I should make a basic support of JACK MIDI OUT and JACK Transport, and only then improve it. JACK Transport now could start and stop, but not seek. Also, I should implement an ability to exchange some meta information with JACK, such as tempo, time signature, etc.

Key tasks that stalled

There is no things that scare me, I have some problems or questions periodically, and I solve it as I can. If I can't solve it, I'm talking to my mentor and solving it anyway Smile.

Upcoming tasks this week

Study more about time in MuseScore and JACK, begin working on JACK Transport.

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