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Basic MIDI output: done!

18 May 2014 | 11:55 pm

Overview of work this week

In short:

  • Started diving in MuseScore 1.2 and 2.0 code.
  • Now we have basic output of midi signals via JACK MIDI.
  • Found a few bugs.

Unfortunately I have an exams in my university now, so I can't write lots of code. But it does not prevent me from research and learn the existing code.

Previously I used JACK only as user, don't trying to understand how it works exactly. But this week I had to dive in as a programmer. Also I had to learn more information about midi and midi messages.

I looked through the MuseScore 1.2 code and saw how JACK MIDI code was working before and compared with 2.0.

A great help for me is that there is some code saved from previous versions of MuseScore. I wrote a bit of code that helps to run this existing code (slightly changed) and now we have a basic outputting if midi signals via JACK MIDI. Really, it looks like a buggy implementation of 1.2, but it's a good starting point.

I said "buggy" - I found a few bugs (one of them was in 1.2 already ) and now need to fix them Kickboxing. Now only I work on this part of MuseScore, so I think there is no reason to write to the issue tracker. You could see an information about bugs in unpublished code here.

Key tasks that stalled

I have some misunderstanding about channels and instruments interactions, but I have a good starting point for learning.

Upcoming tasks this week

I know there are people waiting for JACK MIDI OUT, so I'll try publish existing code. But before I need to fix bugs mentioned above.

Also I will clean an existing code saved from MuseScore 1.2 - some parts now can be useless.

Also, as I said, I will learn more about channels and instruments.

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