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25 April 2014 | 07:47 am


I am a participant of Google Summer of Code 2014, and in this blog I will describe progress of my project.

My goal is to implement a full JACK support in MuseScore.

JACK Audio Connection Kit is a professional sound server daemon that provides real-time, low latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API.

To be specific, I will be adding the currently missing JACK MIDI I/O and JACK Transport support to the application.

This will be a great feature that gives an ability to connect with lots of synthesizers and Digital Audio Workstations. In general, it will be possible to route MIDI and Audio signals, to do a real-time sound effects processing and a lot of other cool things.

You can see the progress on my github page.

Current task: familiarize with the existing code.

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