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Now I am working on this code, so I think there is no reason to waste an official issue tracker with my bugs.

  1. [Fixed] [Reproduced in 1.2, 1.3, 2.0] MuseScore "Preferences" dialog window doesn't allow to use JACK MIDI Out without using an internal synthesizer.

    Expected behavior: "Use internal synthesizer" is unckecked, JACK MIDI OUT works.

    Actual behavior: "Use internal synthesizer" is checked, JACK MIDI OUT doesn't work.

    Reproduce: Open Edit->Preferences->I/O, uncheck all except "Use JACK MIDI" and restart program.

  2. [Fixed] Notes continue to sound when "stop" button pressed while playing through JACK MIDI.

    Expected behavior: Pressing "stop" button stops playing.

    Actual behavior: Last played notes continue to sound.

    Reproduce: Press "play", then "stop" while playing through JACK MIDI.

  3. [Fixed] [Reproduced in 1.2, 2.0] Pressing "play" via JACK Transport doesn't affect MuseScore's UI: "play" button looks like not pressed.

    Expected behavior: Pressing JACK Transport's "start" button changes MuseScore's "play" button to "stop".

    Actual behavior: Pressing JACK Transport's "start" doesn't change status of MuseScore's "play" button. MS's button works uncorrectly (starts playing again instead of stopping).

    Reproduce: Press "play" on JACK Transport, then "play" in MuseScore.

  4. [Fixed] Checking "Remember last connection(s)" in I/O preferences has no effect.

    Expected behavior: When checked, MuseScore remembers midi ports and reconnects after restarting.

    Actual behavior: MuseScore doesn't remember ports and doesn't reconnect.

    Reproduce: Check "Remember last connection(s)" in I/O preferences, restart the program.

  5. [Fixed] [Reproduced in 1.2, 2.0] Changing Preferences->I/O->Ports(JACK MIDI) has no effect when "Remember last connection(s)" is checked

    Expected behavior: Changing ports' number changes actual number of ports after restarting.

    Actual behavior: Ports' number doesn't change.

    Reproduce: Check "Remember last connection(s)" in I/O preferences, change the "Ports:" and restart the program.

  6. [Fixed] [Crash] [Partially reproduced in 1.2] Using JACK Transport in several cases crashes MuseScore.

    Expected behavior: MuseScore starts playing.

    Actual behavior: MuseScore crashes.

    • 1.Press "Play" on JACK Transport panel. Open MuseScore.
    • 2.Open MuseScore. Press "Play" on JACK Transport panel.(1.2 doesn't play)
    • 3.Close all tabs. Press "Play" on JACK Transport panel.(1.2 crashes)
  7. [Fixed] [Crash] [Reproduced in 1.2, 2.0] Pressing "Play" on JACK Transport while editing elements causes crash.

    Expected behavior: Pressing "Play" while editing shouldn't do anything.

    Actual behavior: MuseScore becomes to play and sometimes crashes.

    Reproduce: Add a new "Pedal" to score, double click it to enter edit mode. Press "play" on JACK Transport panel.

  8. [Fixed (disappeared)] Last played note/chord stays marked after seeking backwards.

    Expected behavior: Last played note should be black.

    Actual behavior: Last played note is marked (blue).

    Reproduce: While playing seek backwards via JACK or MuseScore Transport.

  9. [Fixed] Score with enabled count in is playing from wrong position.

    Expected behavior: After count in score should be played from the specified position.

    Actual behavior: Score is played from the position that 1-2 measures ahead from the specified position.

    Reproduce: Enable "Count in" on the "Play Panel", select any note an press play.

  10. [Fixed] Changing value of tempo slider on Play panel makes a seek to forward/backward.

    Expected behavior: MuseScore changes the tempo of playbacking.

    Actual behavior: MuseScore changes the tempo and seek forward/backward.

    Reproduce: Press Play, open Play panel, change position on tempo slider.

  11. [Fixed] [Crash] Pressing "Play" on JACK Transport gives a crash.

    Expected behavior: MuseScore crashes.

    Actual behavior: MuseScore starts playing.

    Reproduce: Press "Stop" on JACK Transport to set time to 0:00. Press "Play" on JACK Transport,

  12. [Fixed] [Crash] Screen does not repaint or MuseScore crashes after a few clicks.

    Expected behavior: MuseScore crashes or canvas does nor repaint.

    Actual behavior: MuseScore seeks to point you clicked.

    Reproduce: Press "Play" and click on some note or chord as fast as you can.

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